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Roger Hersberger


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Roger Hersberger, 'Arrival,' , Digital Video (Guild Member Salon Show)


This work is an Audio-Visual Experience. It is a story about Birth, Growth, Turmoil, and final Arrival at Maturity.

“Arrival” is a collaboration between Roger Hersberger artist and programmer and Gary Bertollini a musician and composer.

The visual experience is a work of Generative Art. Computer software is written using the Perlin Noise Function to calculate the shape and position of the image for each frame of the video.The musical score was created and scripted to create the mood and tell the story.

The Medium is an MP4 video installed on a Digital Frame. The frame will display Movies, Pictures, Music and has ample storage to add your own content. Other features include 15” diagonal touch screen (12” x 15” frame), 1024 x 768 resolution, Stereo speakers, 32 GB memory, Motion sensor, Cell phone app, Wi-Fi and USB connection, wall mounts and stand.

Price $1200. Includes 15” digital frame and the video file.